Reparations Stakeholder Authority of Evanston

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What is ECF’s Role?

The Evanston Community Foundation is the fiduciary manager of the Evanston Reparations Community Fund. In addition, ECF supports the efforts of the RSAE in raising funds, developing processes, and distributing funds as directed by the RSAE, to advance and support Evanston Reparations.

What core Reparations recommendations are considered?

The reparation stakeholders generated a list of recommendations during the course of two public symposiums in July 2019. The recommendation and/or remedy must include one of the five components of Full repair (cessation, restitution, compensation, satisfaction, rehabilitation.

Who is a Reparations Stakeholder?

Stakeholders consists of the general Evanston Black community and serves as the sounding board of needs, ideas, grievances and direction. The Stakeholders participate in the RSAE meetings as community members.

How do I contribute?

Send contributions made out to ECF indicating “Evanston Reparations Community Fund” in the note section.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

In general, yes. Please consult with your tax advisor for further guidance. However, for thought consideration, would the contribution then be considered “reparations” if it benefits the donor?

Who approves the reparations benefits?

The benefits are approved by the RSAE Board. The RSAE board is made up of the broad Black community leadership (stakeholders) serving on rotating terms.